Access Control Locksmith Services In Miami

Our Access Control Locksmith Services

Nothing is more secure than being able to have full control of access to your business or store, and access control systems have endless capabilities to assist you in doing so. At 305 Lockout, our technicians are trained to work with and install all types of Access Control Security Systems. Ranging from electric strikes and magnetic locks, to keypads, exit buttons and much more. These systems are especially great for businesses like Jewelry Stores, Banks, Hotels, Apartments, Money Exchange stores and much more.


305 LOCKOUT is your number one choice for all of your Access Control Locksmith needs in Miami, FL. Our technicians are certified and trained to assist our customers with any and all access control security concerns and interests they might have. Look no further when searching for a Residential Locksmith, we have 25 years of experience under our belts as well as over a thousand 5 star reviews to demonstrate that we are Miami’s most reliable locksmith!

Magnetic Lock Installations

You can never go wrong with installing a Magnetic Lock system for your place of work. It allows you to control who can and cannot enter with remote capabilities and wifi connection, as well as setting it to lock automatically everytime. Our technicians are trained to mount these systems to all types of commercial doors, as well as run all wiring connections up to code. If you’re interested in these systems, call us today to learn more!

  • Magnetic Lock Installs
  • Auto Locking Features
  • Keypad Smart Locks
  • Varying levels of Strength
  •  Discrete and Secure 
  • Wifi Accessible

Electric Strike Installations

Similar to the Magnetic Locking system, an electric strike offers the same features of access control and auto locking capabilities. The only difference is this is mounted on the side of the door frame, rather than the top. It also allows customers to leave with ease from the inside without having to press any exit buttons. It offers maximum security, and can be controlled with a remote from a wide range!

  • Electric Strike Installs
  • E-Strike Repairs
  • Remote Compatibility
  • Wifi Access
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Secure and Discrete

Keypad System Installations

We recommend Keypads for places of work like offices where there is a lot of traffic flow, a Keypad allows you to create as many user codes as you’d like and is compatible with systems like Electric Strikes and Magnetic Locks. A keypad is sleek and allows for easy access, while maintaining security and privacy for all users. We are trained to install these onto all types of systems and they come in many different styles as well!

  • Keypad Installations
  • Easy Access
  • Keypad Repairs
  • Safe and Secure
  • Keypad Programming
  • Infinite User Codes

Card Readers and FOB Systems

When it comes to access control, installing a card or Fob reader system can be very helpful for offices, hotels, and apartment complexes. Management can take control of who gains access to where by assigning people their own Card or Fob. We offer installation and programming of these systems, and have a wide range of selections when it comes to the readers and their designs!

  • Card Reader Installs
  • Key Fob Programming
  • Hotels & Apartments
  • Commercial Offices
  • Access Control
  • Compatible with all Systems

Warranty For All Services

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority here at 305 LOCKOUT, which is why we offer warranty on all of our locksmith services. We’re here to ensure you are safe, secure, and satisfied with the services we offer!

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