Safe Locksmith Services In Miami

Our Safe Locksmith Services

It is always important to make sure that all of your important documents. valuables, jewelry, money and more is in Safe place at all times. There is no better way to ensure this than by Owning your own Safe! Whether you want a Safe for your home to store your goods and guns, or if you’re a business owner who wants to store business documents, jewelry and cash. 305 Lockout specializes in all Safe Security services.


305 LOCKOUT is your number one choice for all of your Safe Locksmith needs in Miami, FL. Our technicians are certified and trained to assist our customers with any and all Safe concerns and interests they might have. We offer a variety of services for Safes, including Safe Lockouts, Dial and Lockbox Repairs, Hard-Plate Drilling, Safe Bolting and Mounting, Digital Keypad Safes, Safe Supplying, and much more! Look no further when searching for a Safe Locksmith, we have 25 years of experience under our belts as well as over a thousand 5 star reviews to demonstrate that we are Miami’s most reliable locksmith!

Safe Lockout Services

More often than not Safe Owners can find themselves locked out of their own safe. Whether this is because they forgot their combination or there’s been some sort of Malfunction, it can be stressful to not have access to your important goods. At 305 LOCKOUT, we specialize in Safe Lockout Services through many means, like safe dial manipulation, safe drilling, Keypad Code Decoding and more!

  • Safe Dial Manipulation
  • Safe Drilling
  • Keypad Code Decoding
  • SAVTA Certified
  •  ALOA Certified 
  • Drill Rigs and Equipment

Safe Supplier

305 Lockout is a well known supplier of safes of all types for our customers. Whether you’re looking for a personal safe to store your goods in your home, or you’re looking for a more Heavy Grade Safe to have in work place, we’ve got you covered! With the biggest name brands, we offer sales, installations and more!

  • Gun Safes
  • Money Lockboxes
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Digital Keypad Safes 
  • Combination Dial Safes
  • Top Name Brands

Combination Change Services

Sometimes changing the Combination to your safe can be a hassle, whether its a manual dial locking system or something like a Digital Keypad System. You can count on 305 Lockout to assist you quickly and effectively when you are in need of help of changing your combination. We are familiar with all the big name brands and our technicians can easily assist you in changing the combination to your safe, 24/7!

  • Combination Dials
  • Keypad Code Changes
  • Money Lockbox Combination Change
  • Affordable and Fast
  • Key Lock Re-pins
  • Reliable and Secure

Safe Hard-Plate Drilling

There are many safes out there that can only be opened through means of Drilling. This is a complicated and extensive procedure that requires expertise and precision. Many of these safes carry Hard Plates, which are steel plates that are resistant to drilling and without the right tools, cannot be opened. At 305 LOCKOUT, we are equipped with the highest quality drill bits and Rigs to ensure that we can gain access to any kind of Safe you need to open!

  • Drill Rigs
  • SAVTA Certified
  • Diamatip Drill Bits
  • Minimal Damage
  • Strongman Drill Bits
  • Professional Service

Keypad Installations

Many of our customers do not like the lengthy process of having to Dial in a 3 to Four Digit combination and prefer a more modern option to Safe opening. This is where a Digital Keypad and Lock system is the best alternative for them. We work with all Keypad brands, install and mount them to your existing safe, and assist with Combination programming as well. Allowing for easy access and leaving our customers feeling safe and happy!

  • Keypad Installs
  • Combination Programming
  • Keypad Repairs
  • ESL 5 Keypads
  • Fingerprint Keypads
  • Easy Access

Safe Repairs

At 305 Lockout, we offer all types of Safe Repairs, from Damaged Keypads to faulty Dials and Lockboxes. We’ve got you covered! We work with all the big name brands and can ensure that any issues you are running into with your Safe can be resolved. We offer Combination changes, Dial replacements, new Keypad installs and much more. All of our technicians are Safe and Vault Technician Association certified, ensuring that we are the most reliable Safe locksmith in town!

  • Safe Dial Replacement 
  • Keypad Battery Replacement
  • Keypad Repairs
  • Lockbox Replacement
  • SAVTA Certified
  • ALOA Certified

Warranty For All Services

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority here at 305 LOCKOUT, which is why we offer warranty on all of our locksmith services. We’re here to ensure you are safe, secure, and satisfied with the services we offer!

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